A downloadable game for Windows

Here is the first game that I made when I was 13 with the software Game Maker . The goal is simple : gather the most coins possible with the totem while avoiding the skulls.

To play, use the directional arrows to move the totem. If the totem touches a skull three times, the game is over.

Music used :  Bastion' s Main Theme

Sounds used: Default  Game Maker 8 sounds and a sound from  Minecraft (when you touch a skull)

Sprites and images used : Default Game Maker 8 sprites  and sprites created by me ( the skulls and coins)

System of "Drag & Drop" used for the whole game, except for the controller code, made in  GML.

Published Oct 21, 2017
Tags2D, GameMaker, minigames, Minimalist, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Only works with Windows (.exe)

Available in compressed form on http://alicedoussin.e-monsite.com/en/pages/games/avoid-the-skulls.html


Avoid the Skulls!.exe 4 MB


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Thank you for creating! This is a great start. Mechanics are simple and good. Evade while you can. Great point that skulls are moving in similar pattern, which introduces predictability and player skill reliance. I like it!


Thank you again for your feedback! About the predictablitity of the skulls, it was actually involuntary : the "drag and drop " system in Game Maker  was forcing me to make the skulls move in  fixed directions  if I wanted to keep it simple. But I'm really glad that these limitations actually helped the game be better😊!