A downloadable game for Windows

Here is the first game that I made when I was 13 with the software Game Maker . The goal is simple : gather the most coins possible with the totem while avoiding the skulls.

To play, use the directional arrows to move the totem. If the totem touches a skull three times, the game is over.

Music used :  Bastion' s Main Theme

Sounds used: Default  Game Maker 8 sounds and a sound from  Minecraft (when you touch a skull)

Sprites and images used : Default Game Maker 8 sprites  and sprites created by me ( the skulls and coins)

System of "Drag & Drop" used for the whole game, except for the controller code, made in  GML.

Install instructions

Only works with Windows (.exe)

Available in compressed form on http://alicedoussin.e-monsite.com/en/pages/games/avoid-the-skulls.html


Avoid the Skulls!.exe 4 MB


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Thank you for creating! This is a great start. Mechanics are simple and good. Evade while you can. Great point that skulls are moving in similar pattern, which introduces predictability and player skill reliance. I like it!


Thank you again for your feedback! About the predictablitity of the skulls, it was actually involuntary : the "drag and drop " system in Game Maker  was forcing me to make the skulls move in  fixed directions  if I wanted to keep it simple. But I'm really glad that these limitations actually helped the game be better😊!