New update! (changed lvls and coins)

Here is the new update, bigger this time!

So, what's new?

-First, there is now at least one coin in each level, and if you complete the level after having taken every coin, a little coin will appear on the level selection screen, below the number of the level , to celebrate your achievement! (see 1st image attached)

-Also, in order to smooth the difficulty curve, I have made the ninth level easier and the tenth level harder (see 2nd image attached)!

-And last but not least, The main menu is now more interactive, as you can play around with the different platforms and buttons (gravity and magnetism ) in the menu, as a sort of introduction to the game, and maybe to serve as a fun tutorial!

Okay, but what's to come?

The "sure" things :

-a small thing, I will make it easier to get the coin in the 1st level (I have noticed that it was way too hard for a 1st level ) (next update)

- I will definitely make new levels, and introduce the disappearing platforms! (soon, i guess)

-I will remake the videos to complete each level with every coin, in the eventuality that you would not find how to do it :)  (you can watch these videos on the "FadaGames" Youtube channel.)

The "not so sure" things :

-I will maybe make a little "shop" with all the coins collected in each level, to change the color of the ball

-I may make a mobile version of the game in a near future, because it seems to be pretty well adapted for a tactile environment

- If I have enough faith and will, I may also make a level editor, with levels that you can share with each other :) (but that may be in a long time though)

Like always, please do not hesitate to comment and give me feedback on my game so that I can improve it !

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Apr 10, 2018

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